Roger Perry Hands Art Collection

Given that there are over 100 pictures here, just for fun, I thought I would choose my favourite 5 and try to explain why.

I am not trained or educated in art theory (Roger was a bit late in my life for that) and so this is just what I like. Some of Roger's paintings are hanging in my house and so I have obviously already expressed a preference. However, those pictures either have a sentimental attachment or are matched with the decor/ambiance of the room so might not actually figure in my top 5.

This is my choice, in no particular order, as of February 2021. I will review again later this year and see if I have changed my mind.

1. The Boatyard [Section Boats]: This encapsulates so much about coastal life in Cornwall and Devon, including for me and my brother (both usually reluctantly) helping my dad with boat maintenance. The colours are strikingly vibrant compared to most of Roger's work, which for me is an optimistic view of the longevity of the fishing boats out of Padstow. The builder's bum is obviously a piece of added mischief which I can hear Roger chuckling about as he paints it.

2. St Swithin's Church, Launcells [Section Churches]: You will see that St Swithin's has been frequently drawn and painted by Roger, with numerous perspectives. I particularly like this one because I think it draws out the ancient nature of the church with the almost haunting detail on the gravestones and Roger's gift of gnarled trees. Who doesn't like a potter around an ancient Cornish churchyard?: this one is wonderful.

3. Towards the Sea [Section By the Sea]: I am not sure where this is, but I suspect on the North Cornwall coast, north of Bude. It evokes happy memories of numerous coves on the coasts of Devon and Cornwall leading towards the sea. Whether taking a coastal walk, playing as a child or with children, these are scenes to be treasured. In this picture I like the detail and focus of the near which then drifts away as we approach the sea.

4. Flowers by the riverbank [Section Countryside Imagery]: I struggled whether to allocate this to the flowers section or countryside. The detail on the flowers is common with many of the pieces in the flowers section, yet in this picture we also get to appreciate the stream running through the field, and a capturing of tranquility. Perhaps too cliched for some, nonetheless I can really identify with this place.

5. This is the life! [Section Big folk]. I sometimes wonder whether this series of paintings might have been inspired by my late mother and Roger himself. This picture shows real companionship, a touch of inebriation and the joy of being by the sea. This does personify their relationship to a degree. Having said that, they would be drinking wine, not beer, and would certainly have tidied up after themselves. I love the creaking bench!